Adventures of Hirapis

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All contents © 2011
by Lori Ann Curley
The Adventures of Hirapis will comprise six books with a planned seventh book to discuss the War of Unification.

Book I SealI: The Grand Illusion
Lolly has been summoned to Hirapis because of recent unrest. A thousand years before, the Oracle prophesized a threat to The Throne of Old King Boruma when the 37th of his line would be in power. Queen Orla is that ruler, but she is asked to step down by Gregor, Duke of Latium, because of her ineffective response to the troubles plaguing Hirapis. He also is promoting the use of technology over magic. Does he really wish to help the people? Or is his motivation more nefarious? With the help of her new friends, and allies in a secret society sworn to protect The Throne, Lolly must uncover the truth utilizing all the resources of Hirapis.

Book II SealBook III SealBook IV SealBook V SealBook 0 SealBook VI Seal
II: MamorigatanaIII:  Queen Orla's RingIV: Legend of the
Lost Woman
V: The Grand Exhibition0: Clare's Diary
(War of Unification)
VI: Technosorcery