Adventures of Hirapis

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All contents © 2011
by Lori Ann Curley
    Drawing the map for Hirapis has proven quite the challenge because I have very little drawing skills, despite my college art professor's best attempts at teaching me. Some people just are unteachable. Also I drew the map in a portrait (vertical) layout rather than a horizontal (landscape) layout because I don't want the map to be across two pages in a book, nor do I want readers to have to turn the book to look at the map.
    The current map is a very rough working version. My husband is creating a much nicer version using Campaign Cartographer, a map drawing program for role playing games.

    The five lands are called Boruma, Mitama, Felifornia, Alamannia, and Latium. I explain more about these names and lands on a different page
It's not on this version of the map, but two countries border Hirapis: Vengaio is to west, and Ranani is to the south.
    I started drawing the earliest version of the Hirapis map years ago:

Hirapis Map I
    You can see some of the original ideas for names of the lands: Hirapis or Zebda, Aztalan, Nrogara, Zaggeron, and Thander. Please don't ask me to explain these names. One is fairly obvious and even more obviously silly. I had a habit of using names from other literature that I liked, but reversing them, until my husband pointed out that this is a ridiculous practice.