Adventures of Hirapis

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All contents © 2011
by Lori Ann Curley
 Each of the five lands, or duchies, in Hirapis are divided into three baronies. The ruler of each duchy is called a duke or duchess; the ruler of each barony is called a baron or baroness; and Hirapis is ruled by Queen Orla, who inherited the title, and her husband King RJ. 

Boruma Seal
The first and northernmost duchy is Boruma, named for Old King Brian Boruma, who won the War of Unification a thousand years ago and became the first king of the unified lands. Boruma the land originally was called Hirapis, but after the war, the five lands unified were called Hirapis. The capital of Boruma is Bulben, and the three baronies are Fionn, Derval, and Brian. Theomond's Island, off the coast of Boruma, is named for the brother of King Boruma who was a warrior who saved Boruma's life during the war.  

Mitama Seal
After the War of Unification, Boruma gave leadership of each of the five lands to those who helped him win the war and renamed the duchies accordingly. Mitama on the eastern part of the country is named after Nintoku Mitama. It's capital is Nipon, and the three baronies are Ao, Aka, and Kiro. Mitama along with Boruma and Felifornia are known as the Upperlands, and magic is in widespread use in these duchies.

Felifornia Seal
Felifornia on the western part of Hirapis is the most unique of the duchies. First, the inhabitants have a cat-like appearance, but still are humanoids. Second, Felifornia maintains its original name from the pre-war era. The inhabitants did not wish to enter the War of Unification, but were forced to when they were attacked by what is now called the Underlands. The capital of Felifornia is Smilodon, and the baronies are Uncia, Aurata, and Panthera.

Alamannia Seal
The western of the two Underlands, the Duchy of Alamannia was named for Garivald Alamannia. Magic is less common in Alamannia and Latium, and in recent years, the Underlands have developed technology to help them where magic otherwise might. The capital of Alamannia is Teck, and the baronies are Gutan, Ottonia, and Duria.

Latium Seal
Named for Saul Latium, the fiercest and harshest warrior in the War of Unification, Latium in the southeast
also is the harshest of the five duchies. With the haunted Orange Forest on one side, and forboding cliffs on the other, not much of value can be grown in Latium, who since before the War has relied heavily upon the Upperlands for resources. The capital is Antioch, and the baronies are Tavera, Hierapolis, and Ottoboni.

Nosidam Seal
Nosidam, the capital of Hirapis, is high in the Dragonspine Mountains and is shaped like a pentagon to represent the five unified lands. Queen Orla rules from
Nosidam Castle, which sits on an isthmus between the Fairweather and the Starkweather Lakes. The Fairweather and Starkweather Rivers, which flow from the mountain lakes, create the borders between Boruma and Mitama in the North and Felifornia and Alamannia in the south. The mountains also create borders between Boruma and Felifornia in the North and Alamannia and Latium in the south. A great wall, built by prisoners after the war, creates a fortified border between Mitama and Latium.